Our Pastor:

Jeff & Tammi Crowder moved to Chelsea from Plymouth, MI with their children in 1996.  They began to meet with a group of six households in a home Bible study group that eventually became the Church of the Nazarene.
Jeff has been a part of the community on a variety of levels including:  a current member and past president of the Chelsea Rotary Club, director of the community choir at the Chelsea Center for the Arts, current Chelsea Public School District board member, baseball and soccer coach for the Chelsea Recreation Department, a member of the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Chelsea Ministerial Association.
He received a B.A. from Olivet Nazarene University (summer training home to the Chicago Bears) with majors in Business Administration and Sociology.  He earned a Masters of Divinity from the Nazarene Theological Seminary and is nearing completion of an earned Doctorate of Ministry degree from NTS.
"Our mission statement says we are 'Growing, Serving, Reaching Together as Followers of Jesus Christ.'  We are working hard and praying hard to strike the balance between who God is calling and equipping us to be by the Holy Spirit, while also actively living that out through our lives.  Our passion is encourage people to have Christ formed in the very core of their being (Galatians 4:19), so that every thought, attitude, word and action reflects who God is in the world."
Jeff's leadership style encourages creativity.  He focuses upon building a team of people who are committed to following Jesus and inspiring and equipping others to do the same.

Our Church:

It’s been a "God-thing".

In 1995, six households met in the living room at 1325 N. Freer Rd. to pray, plan, and pledge for a new church.  God answered their requests and honored their sacrifice.  He provided free meeting space through the Chelsea Retirement Community (CRC).  New people came, gave, and were enriched.   Today, our congregation has grown from 6 households to around sixty households who call Chelsea Nazarene their church.

The generosity of the CRC allowed us to save up much needed money so we could begin to look for our own land.   After several offers had fallen through, the 12126 Jackson Rd. became available.  Through much prayer and great sacrifice, God blessed us as we purchased 10.8 acres of land.  It was during this process that God delivered a $20.000 check from a foundation.  This foundation had been asked to pass on this gift to our church from an anonymous giver.  To this day, we still don’t know who it is, but God provided what was needed1

In 2005 we started construction on the 5000+ sq. ft. facility that we now call home.  While we were in the process of raising money to meet constructions costs, God provided again.  He sent the Chelsea Area Construction Authority to offer to buy 1 acre of our land (that we couldn’t ever use).  We saw their $30,000 payment as a direct answer to our prayers!

In 2007 we had a short-term debt of $75,000.  Our church board put the challenge before the congregation, and in about a year the debt was paid off!!

Today, God uses our people to be an influence in schools, factories, offices, athletic fields and anywhere else people gather in our community.