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What Happened?

Almost twenty-three years ago Tammi and I had our first baby. We did the things parents do with babies: changed diapers, provided her with food, rocked her to sleep, picked her up when she cried. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It was easy to get lost in that moment, whichever task it was. Diapers stink. Crying is sometimes urgent. Who had time to think about the future when the moment demanded action?

But we also had heard this great secret from older parents: babies grow up and go away.

So we tried to prepare for the days that would come later. We prayed for her future. We saved for college (thought it is NEVER enough). We asked God to be preparing her future husband.

It was STILL easy to get lost in the moment: teams to coach, concerts to attend, lessons to learn, discipline to provide,

Then . . . one day . . . she gets married and that chapter of life is done. We're not finished being parents but the relationship has changed. She has a husband. She has a different address. She has a new last name.

I find myself asking, "What happened?" What we had been moving toward for so long, that day that seemed so far away in the distance, the thing that seemed like it might not ever actually happen . . . did. It came. It went. It is over. What happened?

Joshua and the children of Israel might have been having some of those same thoughts. God says to the new leader, " . . . arise, cross this (river) Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them . . . " (Joshua 1:1 NASB)

The people had heard for years that this land had been promised to them. But Moses couldn't get them there. The last four decades had been years of wandering; probably feeling like the day would never come . . . and then it did.

I wonder . . .

Do you have a goal in your head of something that WILL one day happen?

Do you ever feel like it is hard to keep moving forward, keep being faithful?

Let me give you a word today: it WILL happen.

This moment of obedience to God's leading is NOT a waste or a fool's errand.

Be faithful. Keep moving ahead, even if the step is more of a stumble than a run.

Because one day IT will be here and you'll look around and wonder how it was over so quickly.

Grace & Peace

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