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Maximum Impact

Maximum impact.

We want to know that what we do makes a difference, leaves a mark, really counts:

- words of our children; will they see and "get it" or live like it never happened?

- actions in the work world; the sales meeting, the store, the classroom, or the boardroom; will we be part of building something that matters or just getting a check?

- the community and the world we live in; will we leave it a little different or are we just filling a slot?

- the church where we attend: are we changing lives and destinies or giving a thumbs up/down on things like the music, the sermon, the temperature in the room?

I believe in our better moments, the moments when we are alone, thinking, reflective, aware of God's call on our lives, what we REALLY want is to have "maximum impact.”

Joshua was called to make an impact upon a wall, a city, a nation, and a legacy of faith. He was determined not to waste his people's time or energy. Listen to his instructions in Joshua 6:10.

You shall not shout nor let your voice be heard nor let a word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I tell you, "Shout!" Then you shall shout!

The army of the Hebrews was up against a foe too formidable for them. (So are we.) Joshua's people needed help, (So do we.) BIG help. The LORD God had led them to this place. The LORD God had given them a promise. Now the LORD God was revealing a plan. "Be quiet till its time to speak. Then speak with ALL that is in you!”

The situation was slightly different, but the path is pretty similar for us today.

Restraint. Restraint. Restraint.

Then, and ONLY then . . . MAXIMUM IMPACT.

I wonder . . .

Where is it that you are being called to use self-control?

- pray instead of complaining. Talk to God instead of going to others.

- be faithful with what seems like no results until God is ready to give BIG results.

- put in time as a friend BEFORE earning the request to share your opinion or your faith.

God is NO LESS interested in making an impact with YOU in your needs than he did with Joshua in his.

"Oh God, show me what it looks like today to live so you might have maximum impact in me, through me, and around me.”

Grace & peace

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