Our Mission of Spirituality


This year we will work on four important things.

These four things are Integrity, Acceptance, Health. and Legacy.

We will create a set of values and morals for ourselves to follow that will be seen by others. These values will shine through us so much that we will develop a trust with those that notice us and and trust with each other in our group as well.

We will accept everyone that we meet for who they are. We will give them respect because it is the right thing for us to treat them with respect. We will make the Golden Rule of treating others the way we want to be treated a big part of our life. We will also do one step further by treating others the way that they want to be treated. We will feed our minds and bodies daily with healthy substances. These substances will include the food we eat, the things we read, and the people we associate with. Finally, we will leave behind a legacy of values and principles for the children that come after us to apply in their own lives.